A Simple & Holistic approach to skin care. using raw plant based ingredients; zero bs, zero compromises.

plant based FACIAL

$160 - 50 to 60 MINUTES

This facial addresses your individual skin type, condition + skin goals. Seeing pass the superficial skin. Starts with an evaluation of your Client Profile, taking into consideration your mental, emotional & physical state. The a skin analysis & connecting with you the day of your appointment the facial will be tailored & customized specifically for you. No two skin is alike so no two facial should be alike.

+ Pre & Post Natal Safe

+ Kid Friendly

+ ♀♂



$180 - 60 minutes

*Please note that starting September 2019 the price will be $200

Complexion will be healthier, brighter, smoother and clearer for weeks. Treatment is ideal for clients with concerns of fine to deep lines, hyper-pigmentation and/or rough texture. A highly effective method of physical exfoliation that involves using an ultra-sharp sterile scalpel to gently "shave" the surface of the skin. Removing the top layers of dead skin cells and vellous hair aka peach fuzz. It is painless, safe and results are immediate.

Suitable for most skin types & for men only the upper face is done or areas that doesn’t have coarse facial hair.

+ Pre & Post Natal Safe

+ ♀♂



$120 - 50 MINUTES

A facial experience made exclusively for the back. A seasonal treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, extractions as needed and finishing off with a herbal mask.

+ Not advised during pregnancy
+ ♀♂