client testimonials

Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying all of the products you recommended and the continued results from my facial! The texture and tone of my skin has completely changed - no more painful large blemishes, more even skin tone and fewer fine lines! I felt comfortable going outside without any make up for the first time in a long time and my husband (completely unprompted) said my skin looked radiant!

- Rebecca L.

Quyen is one of New York's finest aestheticians. Seldom do you find someone as passionate, caring, and knowledgable about skincare as Quyen. As someone who is extremely wary of dermatologists and prescriptions that make skin issues "disappear!", I have wanted someone who understands the connection between your body's health and the state of the mind. Quyen is that person. She asks you the important questions - are you stressed, how are you eating, what is going on in your life that might be causing your skin to react in whatever way? In the past year I have begun to understand my skin in a way I never have, and learned time and time again how important self care is. Taking care of what is on the inside, especially in such a bustling city, will have a direct to what is on the outside. Quyen's holistic practice, incredible knowledge of cruelty-free and organic skin care products, and healing presence have put me at ease in my most stressful moments. She checks in with me, answers all my panicked questions, and an hour in a room with her is a meditative experience better than any full body massage. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and when my brain begins to let me down - it shows up on my face. Which makes me anxious all over again, because I feel embarrassed about my skin. Quyen has the ability to remind me to take space for myself, puts me at ease with her expertise, and relieves my impulse to give up and go to a dermatologist for an expensive and chemical "quick fix!" We cannot forget the mind body connection, and Quyen doesn't let us. She goes above and beyond the duties of any aesthetician I've ever seen, and I am so grateful for her. If you want to start a lifelong relationship with good skin - starting from the inside out - go see this skin goddess. She is a bright gem among many lack luster stones.

— haley j.

I just received a deep cleansing facial from Quyen and my skin is glowing! This is shocking to me because I’ve gotten many facials and my skin is usually crazy looking after. Quyen is extremely informative and really wants to know exactly how you treat your skin so that she can make it better. I’ve struggled with skin issues my whole life and been to many dermatologists who have given me so many products with chemicals. Quyen uses all natural organic everything, my skin feels great and looks great as well. I can’t wait to see her again! Thank you Quyen!!

— Cara B.

Quyen is the best! I hadn’t had a facial in a couple of years, and she was extremely thorough, gentle, informative, and sweet. She went above and beyond my expectations in clearing up my pores with vegan, organic skin products that are great for sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. Prior to the facial, she really took the time to discuss my skin, regimen, and diet. Immediately after, my skin was glowing! I didn’t look red or puffy, and I scheduled another appointment with her right away. I couldn’t believe how cleared up my acne was for the next month and how great the experience was - even the 40 minute extraction (that’s what you get when you don’t see a facialist for 2-3 years) wasn’t painful! Couldn’t recommend Aloha Skincare and Quyen more!

— Veronica B.

Sooo happy to have found Aloha Skincare!!!
It had been years since I last had a facial and coming to Aloha Skincare has shown me why I should never choose to wait that long again. My skin is fairly sensitive and very prone to blackheads and acne. Quyen did an exceptional job choosing the right facial for my skin while making sure to extract various trouble areas throughout my face. I had an amazing experience while at Aloha skincare, but it only got better the day after my facial. The organic peel left my skin absolutely radiant!! I am extremely happy and thankful, will be coming here on the regular :)

— Gina M.

I went to Aloha Skincare after reading all the great reviews, and was not disappointed. Quyen is super sweet and knowledgable. We sat down and talked about my skin issues (I have psoriasis and very sensitive skin),my concerns, and what I hoped to get out of the appointment. She was able to tweak the facial to meet my specific, sensitive needs. Quyen also suggested skincare products (which i now swear by!) as well as some more skin-friendly makeup. She really cares about her clients and takes care of them. I have had facials before but NEVER have I come out of one with my black-head prone nose as clear as it was after Quyen. Can’t wait to go back!

— Tatiana F.

I’m so happy to have found Quyen. She’s incredibly knowledgable & experienced and has helped me identify an amazing skincare regimen. As others have mentioned, she is very thorough and understands the importance of treating your skin with diet & natural products vs quick fire prescriptions and creams that other doctors try to push on you.

— Michelle Y.