Alice in Wonderland was always one of my favorite stories because it was filled with weird situations with even weirder characters. It wasn’t till my adulthood that the children’s tale I loved so much changed; it became dark. Was Alice actually suffering from some type of psychosis? A breakdown? Or was she prescribed medication that altered her state of mind; making her lose sense of reality? Was the author trying to tell us something about mental illness; remember the part when she took “that”pill?

My first episode was when I was 13 years old and since that time I was been put on all sorts of medications to help cure my disorders and have seen all sorts of doctors to help talk me through my disorders. It ranged from manic depressive to an eating disorder to high functioning depression. Nothing helped cure anything I was going through. As a matter of fact those pills made everything a lot worst. Everything really stopped when my life had a purpose; my son. Not to say that I was 100% cured but it was under control for years.

But you know life happens & as time went by my anxiety was starting to be more frequent and then came the panic attacks. I refused to seek medical help because I knew what would be done; more Rx that I know will not work. Then one day my client spoke to me about CBD oil drops. I did my research some more and confirming that I will NOT get high just to help relieve my anxiety and keep my panic attacks at bay… I decided to give it go. I went with Plant People Drops; fast acting, full-spectrum CBD in highly bioavailable MCT and hempseed Oil. Promotes relaxation, attenuates biological response to stress and anxiety, supports body and brain function. I was taking it every morning for 3 weeks and felt great. I noticed that my anxiety wasn’t as bad and my normal triggers for panic attacks were under control. I started to think maybe it was just a placebo effect.

So I stopped taking the CBD oil drop and as days passed by I noticed something as small a client being 10 minute late would make me hyperventilate. I immediately started the CBD oil drops and I felt the positive benefits once again.

The positive effects it had on me was mind blowing. Then another huge setback hit me hard; I developed a skin disorder aka Perioral Dermatatis. I mean come on; me the Skin Quyen with a skin disorder that I can’t fix? It was a huge bummer. After trying everything on the market I was searching high and low for something that was HIGH in inflammatory properties which lead me to CBD skincare. Because my body had such a positive response to CBD oil drops I decided to test run a CBD skincare line; Color Up Therapeutics. My skin has never been better hence why I am now offering a CBD Facial…