Clean Beauty Quyen

My skin philosophy is simple; Restoration, Prevention & Results.

Clean Beauty Quyen is an intimate space that offers a simple menu of skin therapies that’s been proven effective. I am not a fancy spa with a million services or product lines. As your skin therapist my main objective is to “work” on your skin issues; no fuss no frills. I offer high performance organic + vegan; botanical and vegetable based skin therapies.

My approach on skin care changed when I found out I was pregnant in 2008. I became more conscious of what I was putting onto my skin as I knew what I applied would eventually reach my bloodstream; therefore affecting my unborn son. Demanding to know what ingredients were being in put in my products, where is was made and how it was made I was alarmed to see how many chemicals were contained in one little bottle. That was my wake-up call.

It's a challenge embracing a “clean” lifestyle. Like millions I call New York home. Living in one of the world's greatest city isn't quite great for your overall well-being. On a daily basis we are exposed to air pollution and chemicals, coming in contact with millions of people and environmental elements which can cause havoc to one’s health. As an aesthetician it is my mission to empower my clients with self confidence + knowledge about their skin. I believe that our skin is intimately connected to nutrition, hydration, mental + emotional state, hormonal imbalance & the health of our organs affects us superficially. 

I take a holistic approach to my skincare practice. Not only do I serve my clients on a superficial level but emotionally +  mentally as well because I believe a calm mind makes for a calm body which gives the skin that glow. I am no stranger to the stresses of daily life and have seen how it affects my skin. This is what sets me apart from other aestheticians; I understand first hand that it takes more than a facial or the right products to achieve healthy skin.

15 plus years of hands on experience + education. I am a skin healer.


  • NYS Licensed Esthetician

  • NYS Certified Esthetics Educator

  • Educated + Trained at Christine Valmay

  • Educated + Trained at Atelier Esthetique

  • Dermaplane Pro Certified

  • Advanced Aesthetics Qualifications + Trainings

  • Advanced Waxing Certified

  • YON-KA Trained + Certified in Advanced Botanical Science